How to use Github Actions on Vercel Preview deployments

A bit of context

I have a small side project that I use for a lot of research on how to test things, implement custom solutions or test new Contentful or Next.js features. Besides linting and type checking I managed to also have visual regression tests with and a Lighthouse check on my pull requests.

The lighthouse check requires a preview build. This build I previously deployed to S3 and had a serverless function manage the redirect of the subdomain the pull request was using. 

New and shiny

That being said I recently switched said project from deploying to S3 to deploying to Vercel. With Vercel you automatically get a preview build for each commit and pull request. That is nice! So I don't need my custom preview deployment anymore.

But there is a catch. I previously setup those tests mentioned above with Github Actions. But since I use the default git integration of Vercel I have no idea when the preview build is deployed so I can run the lighthouse test on it.

So I did some digging

I found a few promising Github Actions that seem to do the trick. In the end I used await-for-vercel-deployment. This action looks at a Vercel deployment and waits for it to be deployed. 

You also need a VERCEL_TOKEN to get the current status of your deployment.

      - main
    runs-on: ubuntu-18.04
      - name: Retrieve deployment URL (example on how to set an ENV var)
        run: "echo >> $GITHUB_ENV"
      - uses: UnlyEd/github-action-await-vercel@v1.1.0
        id: await-vercel
          VERCEL_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.VERCEL_TOKEN }}
          deployment-url: ${{ env.VERCEL_DEPLOYMENT_URL }}
          timeout: 10 # Wait for 10 seconds before failing
      - name: Displays the deployment name (example on how to read information about the deployment)
        run: "echo The deployment at ${{ fromJson(steps.await-vercel.outputs.deploymentDetails).url }} is ${{ fromJson(steps.await-vercel.outputs.deploymentDetails).readyState }}"

The problem here though was that this actions needs a hardcoded deployment-url to check. There seem to be a way to get the dynamic deployment-url. But the example itself says it is a bit more complicated

My solution

Luckily the git integration Vercel is using uses the Github deployment api. So I was able to use the Github Action Get Deployment URL to get the deployment-url even when it wasn't already deployed. 

I just had to fork and modify it to give me the deployment-url without the protocol.

I moved the await-vercel into the lighthouse-check job. This way the await does not show as its own Github check on your pull request.

And this is what it looks like in the end with lighthouse-check using ${{ steps.deployment.outputs.deployment }}:

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@master

      - name: Get deployment URL
        id: deployment
        uses: schoenwaldnils/get-deployment-url@master
        timeout-minutes: 5
          token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

      - uses: UnlyEd/github-action-await-vercel@v1.1.0
        id: await-vercel
          VERCEL_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.VERCEL_TOKEN }}
          deployment-url: ${{ steps.deployment.outputs.deployment }}
          timeout: 150 # Wait for 2.5 minutes before failing

      - name: Run Lighthouse
        uses: foo-software/lighthouse-check-action@v1.0.10
        id: lighthouseCheck
          urls: 'https://${{ steps.deployment.outputs.deployment }}'

You can find the full config I currently use here: schoen-world/.github/workflows/main.yml

With this setup I can run tests on Vercel preview builds before merging the feature I'm working on. Lighthouse is just an example here. There is a lot more that can be tested.

I hope this helps you to run you own tests on your feature previews :)

Nils Schönwald

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