Hello World!

At some point everyone needs to plunge into the first step. This it is; the beginning of my illustrious blogging career.
Well, joking aside.

So what awaits you as a reader?

I'm a frontend-developer based in Hamburg and am going to write here about my interests in this field. These mainly include CSS, CSS animation, SCSS, PostCSS and things with it on codepen.io.

Also very interesting and important, I find the area of ​​UX (user experience). Especially in terms of the mobile sector. There, little changes can cause large improvements.

In general, I appreciate neat, clean code (well, who doesn't?)

I don't see myself as a gifted penpusher, but I'll try to convey the thoughts understandable.

So you can look forward to interesting articles.

Enough said.

End of line.

Edit: Just FYI, this is from 2014 🙈

Nils Schönwald

Author: Nils Schönwald

Freelance Frontend Developer based in Hamburg.
Loves to work with CSS, React, Typescript, Javascript, Next.js, Contentful, etc.
(As if I didn't write this myself 😅)